North Adelaide Golf Club

2019 Men's Club Championships

2019 Club Championships
Sunday October 27th, the Club Championship finals took place, the results are as follows:

Club Champion – Corey Fawkes defeated John Filmalter 2 and 1.
B Grade – John Rowe defeated Ian Scriven 4 and 3.
C Grade – Dave Holmes defeated Ken Cinoris 2 and 1.

All the semi-finalists in this year’s Club Championship had never won the title before, so a new name was always going to be engraved on the coveted trophy. It was Corey Fawkes whose name is on the trophy after a hard fought victory over John Filmalter.

Experience was probably the key in the B grade final as John Rowe came out on top. Our records are being checked to see if John is the oldest ever to win the B grade crown. Way back in the last century, someone thinks a man in his late seventies won a title, so Rowie could yet get the accolade as the oldest ever.

C grade runner up Ken Cinoris blames his demise on not having his usual Superdry after the first round, instead having a Canadian Club instead. Dave Holmes took advantage and won the C grade title.

All in all it was a great day for the club; all the matches were played in a great sporting spirit and everyone enjoyed their day.

Thanks also to the volunteers and supporters who made it a day for all to remember.