North Adelaide Golf Club

2017 Men's Club Championships

Finals Matchups (Sunday November 5)

A Grade - Simon Welsh (Club Champion) d Barry Smith Jnr

B Grade - John Rowe d Brian Roberts 

C Grade - Sham Sharma d Gary Greenbank    

Semi-Final Matchups (Saturday November 4)

A Grade - Barry Smith Jnr d Jed Ballard 3/2                        Simon Welsh d Shane Leathem 5/4

B Grade - John Rowe d Anton Holmes 2up                         Brian Roberts d Kumar MP 19th 

C Grade - Sham Sharma d Matthew Spencer 1up              Gary Greenbank d Andrew Downard 2/1              

Results for Quarter-Final Round (Sunday October 29)

A Grade - Jed Ballad d Corey Fawkes 5/4                           Barry Smith d Chantha Kong 3/2

A Grade - Simon Welsh d Cain SInclair 7/5                         Shane Leathem d Jamie Clarbull 4/3

B Grade - Anton Holmes d Cas Fung 20th                          John Rowe d Peter Sahb 3/1

B Grade - Kumar MP d Zachary George 4/2                       Brian Roberts d Dongwon Jeong 6/4

C Grade - Sham Sharma d Murray O'Neil 5/3                     Matthew Spencer d Craig West 4/3

C Grade - Andrew Downard d David Holmes 19th              Gary Greenbank d Dominic Romeo 6/5

Qualifiers for Men's Club Championships

A Grade Club Champs Qualifiers

Jed Ballard 1st Place       Simon Welsh 2nd Place        Shane Leathem 3rd Place          Chantha Kong 4th Place

Barry Smith 5th Place      Jamie Clarbull 6th Place       Cain Sinclair 7th Place                Corey Fawkes 8th Place

B Grade Club Champs Qualifiers

Cas Fung 1st Place          Zackary George 2nd Place    Dongwon Jeong 3rd Place         Peter Sahb 4th Place

John Rowe 5th Place        Brian Roberts 6th Place         Kumar MP 7th Place                  Anton Holmes 8th Place

C Grade Club Champs Qualifiers

Sham Sharma 1st Place    Andrew Downard 2nd Place   Gary Greenbank 3rd Place       Matthew Spencer 4th Place

Craig West 5th Place          Domenic Romeo 6th Place    David Holmes 7th Place           Murray O'Neill 8th Place

Qualifiers will compete in quarterfinal match play rounds on Sunday October 29 commencing at 9:00AM.

Winners of quarterfinal rounds will compete in match play semi-final rounds on Saturday November 4 as the last three groups of the regular Men's Saturday morning competition.

Championship finals will be played Sunday November 5 commencing at 8:45AM.

Results will posted here as play concludes for each round.