North Adelaide Golf Club

Player of the Month

This sub-page is dedicated to Thursday Dewsweeper's Player of the Month standings and Player of the Year results.

To qualify for the POTY play-off in July, any golfer must have played in a minimum of 10 Thursdays during the preceding July 20 – June 21 season (see current NAGC Member’s Handbook – page 21).

POTY 2020 - Jim Hughes won the Thursday Dewsweeper's 2019-2020 season Player of the Year trophy on Thursday July 2nd from a field of Player of the Month qualifiers.

Thursday Dewsweeper's Player of the Month - The player with the month’s best Stableford points score receives an engraved award and wins the opportunity to play in the 'Player of the Year' playoffs in July. 

July 2020 - Dan Cole* 45pts (Sponsor Dave Carr)

August 2020 - Richard Cooper* 42pts (Sponsor Wally Majko)

September 2020 - Alec Jila* 41pts (Sponsor Bill Murray)

October 2020 - Derek Braysher* 41pts (Sponsor Ichiro Tanaka)

November 2020 - David Holmes* 41pts (Sponsor Peter Sahb)

December 2020 - Malcolm Ball* 45pts (Sponsor David Holmes)

January 2021 - Guru Dhillon* 45pts (Sponsor Tony Magee)

February 2021 - Peter Sahb* 42pts (Sponsor Sham Sharma)

March 2021 - John Rowe* 41pts (Sponsor Wayne Morrison)

April 2021 -  Walter Launders* 43pts (Sponsor Jim Hughes)

May 2021 - Geoffrey Newell* 42pts (Sponsor Bazil Harris)

June 2021 - Richard Cooper* 40pts (Sponsor Geoff Newell)

* indicates player has satisfied the prerequisite minimum of 10 Thursday games played in the season to qualify for the POTY playoff.