North Adelaide Golf Club

2018 Public Course Pennant Play


Sunday the 11th March our Division 3 Public Course Pennant team played in the final at Mount Barker against Regency Park.
The contest was close all through the day but in the end we came up short. The match score was 4 all but we were defeated on holes won, 13 to 12.
We were leading the completed matches 4 to 3 with John O'Connor still on the course playing the last hole. His opponents shot into the final green was high, wide and well short of the green crashing into the tall trees. As he turned his back on his errant shot, the ball took a remarkable ricochet landing in the middle of the green. John played a great shot into the green pin high just left of the flag but it wasn't quite enough to get the team across the line.

Individual Results
Greg Forrest lost 2/1
Peter Adams won 5/4
Paul Moretti lost 5/3
Dave Harrington won 4/3
Peter Mayboroda lost 4/3
John O'Connor lost 2 down
Frank Ballard won 1 up
Luke Air won 2/1


Sunday 4th March, the final minor round of Public Course Pennant was played. Both Division 1 and Division 3 played Regency Park at North Adelaide with Division 1 finishing all square 4 matches each and Division 3 winning 4 1/2 matches to 3 1/2 matches.
Division 1 finished the season with 2 wins, 3 losses and 1 half, a very creditable result considering the inexperience of the team with several players playing pennant golf for the first time. Hopefully the players enjoyed the experience of playing within a team environment and will continue to improve next year.
Division 3 finished the season with 4 wins and 2 losses and will play Regency Park in the final next Sunday 11th March at Mount Barker at 8.00am. It should be a good contest as the two matches between the sides this year were close results with the home team victorious on each occasion. Good luck to all the players involved.

This weeks individual results.

Division 1
Barry Smith lost 4/3
John Filmalter won 7/6
Shane Leathem won 1up
Tim Miller won 2up
Anthony Clapp lost 8/7
Damian Garcia lost 4/2
Zachary George lost4/2
Rubén Wyld won 3/2

Division 3
Peter Adams all square
Greg Forrest lost 2/1
Paul Moretti lost 6/4
Dave Harrington all square
Peter Mayboroda all square
John O'Connor won 2/1
Frank Ballard won 4/3
Luke Air won 8/7

ROUND 5 - Sunday 25th February both our Division 1 and Division 3 teams played at home against Mawson Lakes. It was a good day for our Club with both teams finishing in front. Division 1 winning 5 matches to 3 and division 3 winning 6 matches to 2.
With one round to go and both teams playing at home, the Division 1 side will be looking to win and make it 3 wins and 3 losses for the year. A win for the Division 3 side assures the players a place in the final.

Individual Results
Division 1
Alex Martinson won 2/1
Chantha Kong won 6/5
John Filmalter won 6/5
Shane Leathem won 2/1
Anthony Clapp lost 3/2
Damian Garcia won 2/1
Zac George lost 9/8
Peter Norman lost 6/5

* note, unfortunately for Zac George Mawson Lakes played their usual number 1 player at number 7 creating a huge mismatch in experience.

Division 3
Peter Adams lost 1 down
Ted Wilson won 1 up
Paul Moretti won 7/5
Cas Fung won 3/2
Dave Harrington lost 1 down
Peter Mayboroda won 6/4
John O'Connor won 6/4
Frank Ballard won 8/6

ROUND 4 - Sunday 18th February our Division 1 side played Playford Lakes Golf Club at Playford Lakes (formerly North Lakes Golf Club) losing 5 matches to 1 with 2 matches halved.
Our Division 3 side played North Haven at North Haven. Behind for most of the day our team managed to win 4 matches 1 up on the 18th eventually winning 5 matches to 3.

Individual Results:
Division 1
Alex Martinson lost 2 down
Jed Ballard halved
Shane Leathem won 1 up
John Filmalter halved
Anthony Clapp lost 3/2
Zachary George lost 7/6
Damian Garcia lost 2/1
Peter Norman lost 5/3

Division 3
Peter Adams lost 6/5
Greg Forrest won 1up
Paul Moretti won 1up
Dave Harrington won 1up
Peter Mayboroda won 3/2
John O'Connor lost 5/3
Frank Ballard lost 3/2
Luke Air won 1up

ROUND 3 - Sunday 11th February our Division 1 and Division 3 teams both played Regency Park at Regency Park. Unfortunately both teams were defeated with Division 1 going down 7 matches to 1 and Division 3 faring a little better losing 5 1/2 matches to 2 1/2 matches.
The highlight of the day was seeing Frank Ballard hit a chip shot on the 18th rather than his usual 30 yard putt until I realised his match was over and he was just practicing!

Individual results:  
Division 1
Alex Martinson won 2up
Barry Smith lost 2/1
John Filmalter lost 3/2
Shane Leathem lost 4/3
Anthony Clapp lost 4/3
Zachary George lost 2/1
Rubén Wyld lost 6/5
Peter Norman lost 6/5

Division 3
Greg Forrest lost 4/2
Paul Moretti lost 5/4
Peter Adams finished all square
Dave Harrington won 2/1
Ted Wilson lost 1 down
Peter Mayboroda lost 2/1
Frank Ballard won 3/1
Pat Kerin lost 2/1

ROUND 2 - On Sunday 4th February our men's Division 1 public course pennant team played the new team entering the competition, Sandy Creek at Sandy Creek. As expected they fielded a very strong team and we were defeated 7 matches to 1.
Our Division 3 team played Mawson Lakes at Mawson Lakes. After what was a closely fought contest all day we were unfortunately defeated 4.5 matches to 3.5 matches.
Division 1.                          
Jed Ballard lost 3/1
Shane Leathem lost 4/3
John Filmalter lost 6/5
Anthony Clapp lost 4/3
Damian Garcia lost 2/1
Peter Norman lost 7/6
Zack George won 3/1
Reuben Wyld lost 5/4

Division 3
Greg Forrest lost 2/1
Peter Adams won 1 up
Dave Harrington won 2/1
Paul Moretti halved
John O'Connor won 7/6
Peter Mayboroda lost 2/1
Frank Ballard lost 2/1
Luke Air lost 4/2

ROUND 1 - Sunday 28th January was the start of the new season of public course pennant. This year NAGC has a team in division 1 for the first time and a team in division 3 where we were victorious last year.
Both teams played at home and were both successful in winning.
Division 1 won 5.5 matches to 2.5 matches.
Division 3 won 4.5 matches to 3.5 matches.
On what was a very hot and tiring day both teams had numerous players representing our club for the first time.

My congratulations to all of them.

Barry Smith