North Adelaide Golf Club

2017 Public Course Pennant Play


Sunday 12th of March the NAGC public courses pennant team played in the division 3 final against Regency Park at the Mount Barker Hahndorf golf club.

On a wet and windy day we got off to a slow start and were behind at the half way mark.

On the back nine the worst of the weather came in and our players handled the conditions far better and ran out winners 6 matches to 2.

Individual results
Peter Sahb won 5/3.                Anton Holmes won 3/1
John O'Connor lost 3/2           Dave Harrington won 2up
Peter Adams lost 2/1.              Ted Wilson won 5/4
Kevin Naughton won 4/3.       Frank Ballard won 7/5

Congratulations to all of the players in the final and to all of the 17 players who pulled on the Club shirt to play in the preliminary rounds.

It was a great experience for all the players to represent our Club in a team environment and they're all looking forward to next year.

Barry Smith


Sunday 5th March the NAGC Public Course Pennant team played its final home and away match for the season, at home against an unbeaten opponent Regency Park. Our players had a resounding victory 7 matches to 1.
Winning 4 of 6 home and away matches throughout the season has qualified us for the final, ( on neutral ground at Mount Barker 8.00am next Sunday March 12th ) against today's opponent Regency Park.
Today's Individual Results
Anton Holmes won 5/3                 Peter Sahb won 4/3
John O'Connor lost 2/1                 Dave Harrington won 3/2
Peter Adams won 5/3                    Kevin Naughton won 3/2
Frank Ballard won 2up                  Luke Air won 6/5

Throughout the season 17 players have been afforded and taken the opportunity to represent Our Club during the season. To a man, their camaraderie and commitment to the team has been exemplary and they have made the task of picking a team for the final an unenviable one. In the end the team for the final has been chosen on experience over youthful endeavour. Those missing out on the final outing for the year should be congratulated for their contribution to the team across the minor round season and look forward to continuing to make their mark on the competition next year.

The team for the final, in no particular order is:
Peter Sahb                          Peter Adams
Kevin Naughton                 Anton Holmes
Dave Harrington                John O'Connor
Ted Wilson                         Frank Ballard

Barry Smith


Sunday 26th February the NAGC Public Course Pennant team played Mawson Lakes on our home course. The entire team made up of youth and experience played extremely well to defeat our visitors 8 matches to nil.

The victory sets us up well to make the final in our debut season.

Individual results
Peter Sahb won 4/3              Anton Holmes won 3/2
James Simpson won 2/1       Alan Potts won 2/1
Steven Ormond won 5/4      Patrick Kerin won 5/4
Frank Ballard won 6/5         Luke Air won 3/2

Barry Smith


Sunday 19th February NAGC Public Course Pennant team was defeated 4 matches to 3 and one halved by North Haven on their home course.
Frank Ballard who has supported the team each week as a spectator got his chance to play this week and won emphatically 6/4 and then held court with anyone that would listen. Ted Wilson 5 down at one stage in his match, soldiered on to halve his match on the 18th. A great lesson in the games not over until it's over.

Full results
Neville Stone lost 4/2.               Peter Adams lost 2/1
Dave Harrington won 1up.        Ted Wilson halved
John O'Connor lost 2/1.             James Simpson won 1 up
Frank Ballard won 6/4.              Peter Mayboroda lost 2/1

The remaining two matches of the season are home games for the team.

Barry Smith


Sunday February 12th our public courses pennant team played Regency Park on their home course. Unluckily we were defeated for the first time this year 3 matches to 2 with 3 matches all square.

The highlight of the day was the number of squad members who showed up to watch and encourage their team mates even though they weren't in the team for the day. This is very rewarding for our committee who have invested their time and our clubs finances into this competition.

Today's results:
Peter Sahb won 1 up.                     Peter Adams lost 1 down
Dave Harrington square.               Ted Wilson lost 3/1
James Simpson lost 2 down.         Steve Ormond square
John O'Connor square.                  Luke Air won 6/5

As you can see it was a very close contest and we're looking forward to the return match on our home track in a few weeks time.

Barry Smith


On Sunday 5th February our Public Course Pennant Team (division 3) played Mawson Lakes at Mawson Lakes. In line with our vision to give as many players as possible the opportunity to represent our Club in pennants four changes were made from last weeks team, keeping in mind individual players need to play 3 games to qualify for the final should we be fortunate enough to make it.

Today we defeated Mawson Lakes 5 matches to 3.
Peter Sahb won 3/1.                     Peter Adams won 8/7
Dave Harrington won 5/4.           John Kokkotos lost 3/2
KevinNaughton won 4/3.             James Simpson won 6/4
Peter Mayboroda lost 1 down.     Murray O'Neill lost 5/4

Congratulations to all the players.

Barry Smith


Today, Sunday 29th January we began the Public Courses Pennant season played as a home and away series decided by teams of eight players playing individual match play against their opponent over eighteen holes.

There are four teams in our division (3) with teams playing each other home and away with the top two teams playing in the final on a neutral course. The series is limited to players with a Golf Australia handicap 14.0 minimum. The team then plays in handicap order.

Today's matches were reduced to 12 holes due to the hot weather policy outlined in the rules and regulations of Public Course Pennants.
Our team got off to a great start to the season winning 6 matches to 2.
Anton Holmes lost 2/1.                 Kevin Naughton won 5/4
Ted Wilson won 5/4.                     Alan Potts won 3/2
John Kokkotos won 2 up.             John O'Connor won 3/2          
Stephen Ormond lost 3/2.            Peter Mayboroda won 3/2

Congratulations to all the players who enjoyed the experience representing our club and we're looking forward to playing next week at Mawson Lakes.

Barry Smith