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2019 Bonnar Cup Results

SA Pennants 2019 - Semi Final
Our semi-final against The Grange at The Grange was always going to be a difficult task, and so it proved to be. We lost seven matches to nil, but lost our matches with great style and grace. We had a full complement of caddies, they didn’t, probably more member supporters than they did and we all had a great time and enjoyed ourselves probably more in defeat than they did in victory.
The match report:
Match 7 – Jamie Clarbull, with Ian Probst on the bag, lost his match four and three
Match 6 – Corey Fawkes suffered a heavy loss seven and five. Thanks to John Coakley for caddying for Corey.
Match 5 – Oscar Moss lost four and three, thanks to Chris Watson who pulled Oscar’s bag. Chris, although not selected to play, was as ever, most supportive. A true team man.
Match 4 – John Filmalter lost three and two. Thanks to Merv Davies who turned up again to caddie. Special thanks to Mrs Davies for allowing this!
Match 3 – Chantha Kong was our number three - because the tie had been decided by The Grange winning the four matches required, this was declared a halved match. The ever dutiful Dave Harrington was Chantha’s caddie, not just for this match, but the whole season.
Match 2 – Jason Mylroie was our number two – and as above, the match was declared a half. Thanks to Barry Smith for caddying duties.
Match 1 – Captain Alex Martinson lost six and four. John (Rowie) Rowe on the bag for this game.

After a promising start, where we were once up in three games, we lost our way and suffered a heavy defeat. We wish The Grange team well for the final which is at The Vines next Sunday, where they play Glenelg.

Thanks to everyone who supported the team throughout the season and we will all benefit from the experience and be better prepared for the next time we represent our club. That by the way will be in the public course Pennant season which starts in January.

And finally, thanks to the whole playing team who represented our club so well during the season. I truly believe that the way we conducted ourselves was to our credit and can only be good for our club.
After the last few Sunday’s, I’m looking forward to a lie in next Sunday morning with a late bacon and egg breakfast and thinking of what might have been at The Vines. Oh well!

SA Pennants 2019 - Round 7
In the last round of the regular season and with our place in the semi-finals already guaranteed, we faced Regency Park at Flagstaff Hill. We repeated our pre-season trial match victory against Regency by winning 6 matches to 1. Other results on the day meant that we finished fourth and so qualify for the semi-finals and play The Grange on their home course next Sunday.
The match report:
Match 7 – Jamie Clarbull lost his match one down.
Match 6 – John Filmalter returned to his best form in the Pennants season to win his match six and five.
Match 5 – Chris Watson, playing on his ex-home course, played some great golf to record an emphatic seven and six victory.
Match 4 – Oscar Moss won his match in fine style, four and three.
Match 3 – The ever reliable Chantha Kong won two and one.
Match 2 – Captain Fantastic, Alex Martinson, returned to winning ways by defeating his Regency opponent four and three.
Match 1 – Jason Mylroie produced an excellent performance by winning the top match five and four with Corey Fawkes on caddying duties. In Jason’s words “Corey showing me where to go on this course helped me a lot”. Many thanks Corey!

Thanks once again to the caddies and supporters who came along.

So we move on to the semi-finals, as where previously mentioned we play The Grange on the Grange West course next Sunday (7th) with a 12:10 start. A difficult, but not impossible task. It would be good to get each player to have a caddie on the day, so if any members that can spare a few hours on Sunday afternoon to support your fellow members, please get in touch. Any members that want to come along just to support the team, are of course most welcome. The team would really appreciate your support and that could be the difference between winning and losing.

SA Pennants 2019 - Round 6
In the penultimate round of the regular season, our Pennants suffered a crushing seven nil defeat to Glenelg who were playing on their own turf. With one round to go, and because of other results, we are guaranteed a place in the finals where we will play either Glenelg again, or The Grange.

A great performance by our team to reach the finals in the Bonnar Cup.

The match report:
Match 7 – Chantha Kong lost four and two.
Match 6 – Chris Watson, who was a late replacement for Oscar Moss, lost four and three.
Match 5 – Alex Martinson, who dropped himself down the playing order, lost seven and six.
Match 4 – Jamie Clarbull after being four down with six to play, lost two and one.
Match 3 – Jason Mylrioe lost his match four and three.
Match 2 – Corey Fawkes lost five and four.
Match 1 – John Filmalter, promoted to number one after his great 69 winning A Grade by six shots on Saturday, couldn’t repeat his good run by losing seven and six.

Thanks once again to the caddies Ian Probst, Merv Davies, Brain Acland and Dave Harrington.

All in all a disappointing result, but as mentioned previously, we have made the finals. The last round is against Regency Park this Sunday at Flagstaff Hill with an 11.15 start on the 10th tee. They need to win to certainly avoid relegation, so it should be a good tussle against our friends from Regency.

SA Pennants 2019 - Round 5
The rest week last week didn’t do our Bonnar Cup Pennants team any favours as yesterday, Sunday 16th, we suffered a heavy 6-1 loss to a very strong team from The Grange who remain unbeaten after five rounds. The match was played at Regency Park on a nice winter’s day and, unlike previous rounds, we didn’t get wet!
The match report:
Match 7 – Corey Fawkes lost seven and six.
Match 6 – John Filmalter, still recuperating from knee surgery and yet to find his best form, lost five and three.
Match 5 – Oscar Moss lost three and two, after being three down after five holes. Oscar did well to stem the tide and hold his own on the back nine playing a scratch golfer.
Match 4 – Jason Mylroie, who turned out to be our only shining light on the day, won his match two and one.
Match 3 – Chantha Kong, who went into Drummond golf on Saturday to buy a new battery for his rangefinder only to come out of the store with a new driver, went down four and three. Suffice to say the new driver didn’t work (yet).
Match 2 – Jamie Clarbull, who was promoted up the order to number 2, lost his match to an ex state player seven and six.
Match 1 – the usually reliable captain, Alex Martinson, lost six and five.

Thanks once again to the caddies and other members who came along to support the team; your help and support is much appreciated.

All in all a disappointing result, but we still are ‘on course’ to make the finals; the top four of eight clubs qualify.

Next up this Sunday is the sixth and penultimate round match versus Glenelg on their home turf with an 11:15 start. Another tough match but one we can win.

The regular season finishes on Sunday week with a match with our friends from Regency Park at Flagstaff Hill.

SA Pennants 2019 - Round 4
It was our turn to host the 4th round of this season Bonnar Cup. Matches that took place were, The Grange v Blackwood, Kooyonga v The Vines, Glenelg v Regency Park and us (NAGC) v Flagstaff Hill. We all had a jolly good day out, read on!

The match report:
Match 7 – Corey Fawkes fresh from a great round in the Saturday comp, where he had a very nice 69, produced another steady performance winning four and three.

Matches 5 and 6 – Jamie Clarbulldog and Oscar Moss paired together in a four ball game won their matches three and two and six and four respectively. Jamie the Bulldog, bit his opponent on the first few holes and never looked back, meanwhile in the other game, moss grew over his opponent and he lost. Thanks to Ian Probst and Chris Watson who caddied in the matches. Ian tells me he is unbeaten as a caddie and rumour has it that Tiger, who has recently sacked his caddie, will be giving Ian a call. Unfortunately, Ian’s phone is never turned on!

Matches 3 and 4 – John Filmalter and Jason Mylroie were paired in the penultimate fourball and had mixed fortunes. John, who has recently returned from injury, suffered a close seven and six loss, whilst Jason recorded a great five and four victory. Jason who shot an unimpressive 80 the day before, bemoaned the fact that the greens were too slow on Saturday, hence his score. The greenkeepers rolled the greens and made them a lot quicker on Sunday morning and so Jason’s victory is all down to the Greenkeeper. Thanks Simon Work and all your staff for doing great work on the course.

Matches 1 and 2 – So Little and Large were our final group, the little Maestro Chantha Kong and the big lump, aka Captain Fantastic Alex Fartinson. Both produced great performances to win three and two and four and three respectively.

A story from Dave Harrington now, Chantha’s caddie. Chantha on the 10th was just short of the green under the pine tree after two, you’ve all been there, played a shot that he thought was clever: play the ball up the bank to the right side of the green and let it roll down to the hole side. The ball stayed up on the bank! The next shot, Chantha chipped in for a four and halved the hole and then conceding a one metre putt!

So all in all we had a really good six-one victory, which puts us in good stead for future rounds and hopefully we will get to the finals, the top four of eight qualify. If you would like to see how we are progressing, log onto to Golf Australia website.
Other results on the day were:
Glenelg defeated Regency Park 6-1.
Kooyonga defeated The Vines 4-3.
The Grange defeated Blackwood 7-0.

Many thanks to the members who came out to support us today, you know who you are!

Special thanks to Peter Norman who was the referee for the day.

Very special thanks to Marcia Potts for helping out with the after-match BBQ and supporting me and everything NAGC!

SA Pennants 2019
Following our appeal regarding the events at the end of our round three match versus Blackwood GC, we are delighted to report that Golf Australia has judged that the result of the match will be a tie, 3.5 games each. We feel that this a very fair outcome based on the information provided to members in the match three report.

The decision was based on the fact that when the final game was abandoned neither club had amassed the four wins required to win the match. Therefore, each game is declared as halved.

As a team, our players are delighted; individually, there are mixed feelings. Captain fantastic, Alex Martinson, has lost his 100% win record; the little Maestro, Chantha Kong, had a certain win reduced to a halved game and an unhappy Chris Watson had his last gasp one-down loss overturned into a halved match. We now have a happy Chris Watson and as a great gesture he has kindly offered to buy his beloved grandchildren the biggest block of chocolate that money can buy. Well done Chris.

It’s not about individuals though. We continue to build a great team spirit which will hopefully get us through to the finals. As mentioned in the match three report, we are at home this Sunday against Flagstaff Hill with a 10am tee off time. There are three other matches taking place on the same day. Your support for the team will be appreciated.

There are also plans afoot for a presentation evening for the Pennants team prior to the final. The night is scheduled for Friday, July 12th with the venue to be decided; all will be welcome to attend. More details to follow.

SA Pennants 2019 - ROUND 3
Our third match in this year’s Bonnar Cup was versus Blackwood GC at The Vines GC. The weather forecast today was as it was last week for showers, they (the Forecasters) were right, they missed out the words very, very heavy showers with occasional downpours though, which resulted in a 25-minute halt in play due to waterlogged greens. Blackwood recorded a four matches to three victory under controversial circumstances (more info later) for which NAGC has lodged a protest to Golf Australia.
The match report:
Match 7 – Chris Watson lost his match one down.
Match 6 – Corey Fawkes halved his match. Corey played a fantastic approach at the par 4, 4th hole, hitting it stone dead from 115m whilst his opponent could only manage a five after being close to the front of the green in two. Corey, after walking off the green and being very modest, asked me to put this in this match report so I have!
Match 5 – John Filmalter, making a comeback after recent knee surgery and with the ever supportive Barry Smith on his bag, lost his match six and five.
Match 4 – Jason Mylroie, ably supported by his caddie Brian Acland, dug in deep to record a fine one up victory.
Match 3 – Jamie Clarbulldog lost his match five and four. After recent fantastic comebacks this was always going to happen. Jamie, based on his recent wins, was promoted to number three in our team and should not be disappointed with his result. The way Jamie plays epitomises our team spirit and is a credit to NAGC.
Match 2 – Chantha Kong halved his match under very controversial circumstances. Chantha was one up on the last tee and both players agreed to tee off with very fading daylight. Chantha was on the green on the par four in three with a very makeable putt. His opponent played his second shot which hit trees and was never found. After a three-minute search the opponent returned to play another ball only to ask the referee for a ruling due to the failing light. The match referee decided to abandon the match and declared the match to be halved. This is why NAGC have put in a protest believing that as the hole had been started, it should have been completed. We’ll publish an update on the website as soon as the ruling has been made.
Match 1 – Captain fantastic, Alex Martinson and his other half John Rowe, are a bit like a modern day Batman and Robin, produced a good three and two victory.

A reminder that our home game is next Sunday, June 2nd with a 10.00 start. We play against Flagstaff Hill GC. There will be eight teams playing on the day, a total of 56 golfers along with management and caddies. Any volunteer help would be much appreciated! Mike Kroschel is providing the after golf sausages for the sizzle along with other free food for any supporters. If that’s not incentive to come and support, I don’t know what is. Please come and support us - the players will really appreciate it.

SA Pennants 2019 - ROUND 2
Our second match in this year’s Bonnar Cup was versus Kooyonga GC at Blackwood GC. The weather forecast today was for showers, they (the Forecasters) were right, they missed out the words very heavy though! However our team recorded a great victory, 4.5 matches to 2.5.

The match report:
Match 7 – Jamie Clarbull produced a remarkable comeback coming from being four down on the 14th tee to winning one up after winning the last five holes. Jamie has been re-named, Jamie the Clar-Bulldog. A fantastic effort and epitomises our team spirit.
Match 6 – Corey Fawkes making his 2019 debut, produced a great, hard fought three and two victory. Corey warmed up in the Saturday Comp by holing out from 121 metres (I know it was that because he told me!) on the 4th. Not as good as Bob Naffin, who holed out for an Eagle on the 15th last Thursday from 150 metres. If you didn’t know that you must have been living under a rock or been to the moon recently, because he’s told everybody!
Match 5 – Barry (I don’t think I can play tomorrow) Smith was as solid as ever, winning in fine style two and one. Barry’s caddy, the evergreen Ian Probst who got lost on his way to Blackwood, Dave Harrington’s fault apparently, looked like the proverbial rat that had drowned at the end of play. Many thanks for your efforts Ian!

Match 4 – Oscar Moss lost his match three and two. Oscar is one for the future and will learn from this experience and will be a great asset to our future Pennant’s seasons. Chris Watson was Oscar’s caddy for the day, thanks Chris.
Match 3 – Jason Mylroie also lost his match three and two, ably supported by John Filmalter, Jason changed his wet clothes more times than Elle McPherson on the cat walk.
Match 2 – Chantha Kong halved his match, Chantha after the match was disappointed with his result. But this is a team game and the half point could in future weeks be enough to get us over the line. Special mention to Chantha’s caddy Dave Harrington, who recently passed, along with Helen Silvy and Peter Norman, a level 2 golf referees accreditation course, all three are a great asset to our club.
Match 1 – Captain fantastic, Alex Martinson, who very kindly bought everyone a beer after the match and was recently crowned as some sort of ex Russian state throwing champion, won two and one to bring home the victory watched by a fairly sizeable crowd.

So that’s two wins out of two so far. We all look forward to the next instalment of this great adventure, playing at The Vines GC versus Blackwood GC, with a 12.10 start on the 10th tee. It would be great to see a few members giving support.

A reminder that our home game is on Sunday June 2nd with a 10.00 start. We play against Flagstaff Hill GC. There will be eight teams playing on the day, a total of 56 golfers along with management and caddy’s, any volunteer help would be much appreciated. Please come and support YOUR club.

SA Pennants 2019 - ROUND 1

We had successful trial matches against Regency Park held on Sunday April 28th and May 5th, where our team won 12-and-a-half to seven-and-a-half matches over the two home and away legs. Thanks to Anthony Clapp and John Rowe for supplementing the team.

The ‘real’ event, the 2019 Bonnar Cup, got underway yesterday (May 12th) at Kooyonga GC versus last year’s runners up, The Vines GC. Our team recorded a fine victory, four-and-a-half to two-and-a-half matches.
The match report:
Match 7 – Jamie Clarbull, who was two down with two to play, halved his match. A fantastic effort by Jamie; a great example of hanging in there and not giving up.
Match 6 – Chris Watson lost his match four-and-three to a much more experienced matchplay golfer!
Match 5 – Barry Smith won his match one up after being down most of the match. A great effort by the most experienced man in the team and he’s now even on Facebook.
Match 4 – Oscar (if only I could putt) Moss lost his match one down. It was his caddy’s fault apparently.
Match 3 – The ever reliable little maestro Chantha Kong, breezed through his match to record a fine five-and-three win.
Match 2 – Jason Mylroie, making his Pennants debut for NAGC, produced a fantastic one up victory. All square on the 18th tee, Jason playing the second shot first to the par four produced a magnificent shot which hit the pin and finished a putter’s grip length from the hole, whilst his opponent also played a great shot to eight feet but he missed the putt and so Jason won one up.

Match 1 – Captain fantastic, Alex Martinson, won two up to round off a great start to his team’s Bonnar Cup campaign.

The 2019 NAGC Bonnar Cup Team

Special thanks to John Filmalter, Corey Fawkes and Shane Leathem who are in the squad, but didn’t play, (John because of injury) for their support on the day. More special thanks to Brian Acland, Dave Harrington and Ian Probst for caddying duties. The hug and maybe a sneaky kiss between Barry and Ian on the 18th green after Barry’s victory was something to behold.

Thanks also to Peter Norman and Hannah Tayler for their support on the course and anyone else that was there, but wasn’t noticed.
Any members wishing to take on caddying duties for future rounds are most welcome. Supporters are also most welcome.

The next round is this Sunday (May 19th) at Blackwood GC versus Kooyonga GC, with a 11.15 start on the 10th tee.