North Adelaide Golf Club

2017 Bonnar Cup Results


Sunday 9th July the NAGC men's pennant team played in the B2 final at Flagstaff Hill against the undefeated Thaxted Park. On the day our players were able to hold their nerve a little better than our opponents and triumphed 4 matches to 3.
With the score tied at 3 matches all Corey Fawkes went to the last hole, a par 3 one up. After an indifferent tee shot by his opponent Corey hit a wonderful tee shot to about 10 feet and calmly two putted for victory.

Individual results
Simon Welsh lost 7/5.            Chantha Kong lost 3/2
Corey Fawkes won 2up.        John Filmalter lost 4/3
Barry Smith won 3/2.            Jamie Clarbull won 3/2
Ben Astbury won 4/2.

Congratulations to all the players who represented the club this year. The players would like to acknowledge the contribution of our members who gave up their time to come out and caddy or spectate throughout the season.

Round 7 - North Adelaide Vs Highercombe at West Lakes Golf Club.

Sunday July 2.  North Adelaide men's pennant team defeated Highercombe Golf Club with a score of 6 matches to 1.  North Adelaide Golf Club will now contest the final on Sunday July 9 at Flagstaff Hill Golf Club against Thaxted Park Golf Club.  Individual results were:

Simon Welsh    won  5/4            Chantha Kong    won   5/4

Corey Fawkes   won  4/2            John Filmalter    won   3/2

Barry Smith        won   7/6           Ben Astbury        won   2up

Jamie Clarbill     lost   3/1

Members are advised that North Adelaide Golf Club now has an opportunity to earn promotion into the Bonner Cup next season and are encouraged to attend to support the team.  As it happens, the North Adelaide pennant team recorded only one loss this season which was to Thaxted Park however that was at Thaxted Park Golf Course.  The team is quietly confident the result can be reversed on a neutral course.

On behalf of the Mangement Committee and all members, GOOD LUCK.

Round 6 - North Adelaide Vs Regency Park at NAGC South Course

Sunday June 25.  On home turf, NAGC President Kevin Naughton performed the Starter's duties and Match Referee was Secretary / Manger Bob Naffin.  Many thanks to both officials and also to the ever faithful members who came out to caddy and support the players.  Our men's pennant team were host to Regency Park and recorded a strong performance winning 4 1/2 matches to 2 1/2.  This cements NAGC in second posiiton on the premiership table with one match to play against Highercombe Golf Club at West Lakes Golf Course next Sunday.  

Individual results were:

Alex Martinson   lost   1dn                Chantha Kong  won  3/2

Corey Fawkes     won  4/3                  Barry Smith       halved

John Filmalter     won  2/1                  Simon Welsh    won  6/4

Jamie Clarbull     lost   4/3

Round 5 - North Adelaide Vs The Stirling at Regency Park

Sunday June 18.  Still stinging from a loss in the previous round, the team responded exceptionally well to soundly beat The Stirling Golf Club 6 1/2 matches to 1/2.  NAGC is now second on the premiership table.  Next week, the game will be played on the South Course at North Adelaide and we play third place Regency Park.  Members are invited to attend and support the players.

Individual results were:

Chanth Kong   won  3/2.           Corey Fawkes  halved

John Filmalter  won  6/5            Barry Smith      won  4/3

Jamie Clarbul   won  6/4.           Ben Astbury      won  7/5

Jed Ballard       won  4/2

Round 4 - North Adelaide Vs Thaxted Park at Highercombe Golf Club

Sunday June 11.  North Adelaide Golf Club men's pennant team suffered it's first loss for the season only winning one match.  Looking to regroup next week against the Stirling Golf Club to consolidate our position as one of the leading clubs in the Bonner Cup this season.

Round 3 - North Adelaide Vs Westward Ho at The Stirling Golf Club

Sunday May 28.  The NAGC men's B2 pennant match at The Stirling Golf Club against Westward Ho was cancelled due to inclement weather resulting in a 3 1/2 to 3 1/2 draw.
Our next match is at Thaxted Park against Thaxted Park.

Round 2 - North Adelaide Vs Mt Osmond atThe Highercombe Golf Club

Sunday May 21.  The NAGC men's pennant team played at The Highercombe Golf Club against Mount Osmond and came away with a solid win 5 matches to 2 leaving us top of the premiership table on percentage.

Individual results were:

Chantha Kong  won  5/4.                Alex Martinson  lost  4/2

Corey Fawkes  won  5/4.                John Filmalter  won  2/1

Simon Welsh    won  1up.               Jamie Clarbull  won  6/5

Ben Astbury      lost    1dn.

Next weeks match is at The Stirling Golf Club against Westward Ho.

Round 1 - North Adelaide Vs West Lakes at Mount Osmond

Sunday May 14.  Our men's pennant season kicked off at the well manicured Mount Osmond Golf Club in perfect weather. This year playing in the B2 division our first match was against West Lakes Golf Club and we came away with a convincing win 6 matches to 1.

Individual results were:

Alex Martinson  lost  1dn.               Chantha Kong   won  4/3

John Filmalter  won  4/3.                Corey Fawkes   won  3/2

Simon Welsh   won  4/3.                 Ben Astbury      won  2/1

Jamie Clarbul   won  5/3

Next week we go back up into the hills to play Mount Osmond at Highercombe.