North Adelaide Golf Club

MiClub Booking Procedures

The following procedures provide detailed instructions on a variety of individual topics relating to the use of the North Adelaide Golf Course 'MiClub' booking system.

Left Click the links below to open individual instruction procedures in a new browser window or Right Click the link and select 'Save Link As ...' to save the document to your computer

1_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Login_V2.pdf

2_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Make a Single Booking_V2.pdf

3_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Book a Golf Cart.pdf

4_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Make a Group Booking.pdf

5_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Create or Edit a Playing Group.pdf

6_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Add Playing Partners.pdf

7_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Cancel a Booking.pdf

8_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Waiting List.pdf

9_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Change Password_V2.pdf

10_NAGC_MiClub Booking Sheet_Using the Main Menu.pdf