North Adelaide Golf Club


Advice to Members on Insurances

A. Adelaide City Council (ACC) accepts no liability for any loss, injury to players or damage to property or motor vehicles.

B. North Adelaide Golf Club (NAGC) insurance will not cover damage to property or motor vehicles caused during the course of play.

C. Personal injury can be claimed through Golf Australia's insurer, details of which are available from the Golf Australia website.

D. Personal belongings - ACC or NAGC accept no liability for any loss or damage to property stored in male or female locker rooms. Claims for loss or damage to personal items stored at NAGC should be directed to your household insurance provider.

Members should check this inclusion for loss or damage to personal items stored at the golf club in their household insurance policy and instruct their insurer to include this coverage in their policy or ensure it is provided for in their next policy renewal.

Any further enquiries should be directed to Bob Naffin - NAGC Secretary Manager