North Adelaide Golf Club

Thursday Dewsweeper's

This page is dedicated to various special events and results for Thursday Dewsweeper's competition golf.

Thursday Dewsweeper's Anzac Day 'Last Man Standing' Competition

Thursday Dewsweeper's Anzac Day Last Man Standing competition was won by Bob Naffin with a Stableford score of 41 points. Bob wins the Last Man Standing perpetual trophy and a Garman S10 GPS golf watch.

Bob is pictured receiving the Last Man Standing trophy from event sponsor Brian Roberts. 

Thursday Dewsweeper's Post St Patrick's Day Event

Our Post St Patrick's Day event on Thursday 21st March was well supported considering that many semi regular Thursday Dewsweepers were away. Holidays, sickness, operations and forgetfulness all played a part.

Nevertheless, the competitions were hotly contested bringing John Kokkotos/David Holmes/Doug Drysdale in positions 1, 2 & 3 respectively for individual Stableford wins. The Irish Stableford team winners were the 'Green Gropers' comprised of Peter Sahb/Doug Drysdale/Malcolm Ball/David Holmes.

Bob Naffin was this year's putting champion - maybe because he was the only one who understood the rules!

Champion Frank Woolford was the lucky 'get it on the green' 16th hole raffle winner ($50 wish card) and David Holmes told the best Irish joke for a bottle of Irish Cream.

We drew 10 bumper raffle winners and provided each player with a pie floater and Irish Ale for lunch.

A good turn out 'to be sure'.

Thursday Dewsweeper's Player of the Month - The player with the month’s best Stableford points score receives an engraved 'Medal' and wins the opportunity to play in the 'Player of the Year' playoffs in July. 

August 2018 - Doug Drysdale with 43 Stableford Points (Sponsor Roger Godwin) 

September 2018 - Dan Cole with 42 Stableford Points (Sponsor Bill Murray)

October 2018 - Morris DiTroia with 39 Stableford Points (Sponsor Ichiro Tanaka) 

November 2018 - Walter Launders with 44 Stableford Points (Sponsor Peter Sahb) 

December 2018 - Bob Henley with 46 Stableford Points (Sponsor David Holmes)

January 2019 - Barry Jenkins with 44 Stableford Points (Sponsor Anthony Magee)

February 2019 - Jim Hughes with 45 Stableford Points (Sponsor Sham Sharma)

March 2019 - Greg Read with 40 Stableford Points (Sponsor Saverio Giglio)

April 2019 - Gareth Bridges with 41 Stableford Points (Sponsor Jim Hughes)

May 2019 - 

June 2019 - 

July 2019 - Morris Di Troia with 40 Stableford Points

Morris Di Troia won the 2019 Player of the Year playoff in July from a field of 10 contenders

August 2019 - Chris Wakelin with 41 Stableford Points (Sponsor Ken Cinoris) 

Thursday Consistency Trophy (After January 2019) - Each Thursday, the top 5 place-getters earn 5-4-3-2-1 points.  The player who earns the most points for the year is the winner and is awarded the perpetual trophy.
1 John Kokkotos 32
2 Frank Kong 19
3 Henry Park 17
4 Sham Sharma 17
5 Bill Murray 16

Thursday Totals (After January 2019)

1 Edward Wilson 903
2 Ian Mitchell 897
3 Saverio Giglio 854
4 Barry Seeger 825
5 David Harvey 817