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Par 3 SA ChampionshipTrophy Results

The Adam Scott Trophy was contested on Sunday 10 April 2016 for the South Australian Par-3 Championship.

The North Adelaide 18 hole par-3 course was presented in perfect condition including numerous recent improvements just for this event. Many thanks to Adelaide Council and the greenkeepers. Weather conditions were also ideal with occassional cloud cover and the forecast rain did not eventuate.

The Championship started at noon and players were clearly enjoying the 2-ball Ambrose format of this unique event.  Scoring was excellent from the outset with numerous teams achieving a birdie on the 1st hole. The favorite pair were in the final group but had not been able to establish a significant lead. In fact, on the 18th tee-block, there was only one stroke in it. A pressure birdie on the last hole for a score of 6-under par won the day.

Congratulations to South Australian Par-3 Champions Barry Smith and Claudio Sequeira. The gallant Runners-Up were Kevin Naughton and John Filmalter.

SA Par-3 Championship Adam Scott Trophy and Phil and Adam Scott Trophy Results Page.pdf

Earlier in the day, the Phil and Adam Scott Trophy 'adult and junior' teams were excited to get on the course. The juniors were clearly enjoying their golf and playing with their father, mother or other favorite adult.  Some excellent skills were displayed. The scoring was also very good - so much so that the winning team achieved 5-under par (only one stroke behind the SA champions!!).

The Phil & Adam Scott Trophy winners were Claudio and Kaya Sequeira. The Father / Son Division was won by Chantha and Orton KongSandra Kuchel and Charlotte Sarson won the Mother / Daughter Division and successful in the Adult / Junior Division was Brian Roberts and Kai Lovett.

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There were Achievements Certificates awarded to the juniors whose team had the best age-group scores and some Novelty prizes.

The Achievement Certificate Winners Were:

Under 10 yrs      Lily Ormond

10 – 13 yrs           Keely Bowen

14 – 17 yrs           Liam Moretti

The results were announced and the winners invited to say a few words. They expressed their enthusiasm for the event, praised the condition of the course, thanked their playing partners and the organising Committee. The Major Trophies will be presented by the Lord Mayor on Saturday.

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The consensus was that the Club has a winning formula and that next year's championship will be even more keenly contested.

Make sure to get your entries in as soon as details are announced.