North Adelaide Golf Club

Social Distancing Policy

The North Adelaide Golf Course ow have a social distancing procedure in place that is well signed at all areas affected immediately outside the clubhouse.

Click Here to View the Map of Social Distncing Instructions Around the Clubhouse

A basic summary of the outside areas;

1st Tee area and bitumen area immediately adjacent – ONLY the group teeing off are to be standing/hovering in this area

Waiting bays

2 bays have been set up immediately behind the 1st tee and are clearly signed

  • BAY 1 - 3rd group due to tee off wait here
  • BAY 2 - 2nd or next group on the tee wait here

Putting Greens

Only 4 persons at a time on both of the putting greens

Other golfers prior to golf – (outside of the next three groups due on the tee)

We are asking any other golfer waiting for their tee time and game to start to use the following areas to wait whilst practicing social distancing;

  • Practice net area and surrounds
  • Near the North putting green
  • New BBQ area on ground level outside the clubhouse and above the putting green (signs are up with limit to 10 persons in area all using social distancing )

After Golf

After your round of golf we are currently asking all golfers to spend minimal time congregating in general, signage has been put up stating the following;

  • No more than 8 persons (whilst social distancing) at one time can congregate near the table setting/sand bucket return area immediately above the 18th green after a round of golf.
  • Golfers cannot congregate in the main car park for prolonged periods after (or before) and rather return to their car to put their equipment away and leave within the earliest reasonable timeframe. Also and again please use social distancing practices within the car park area.