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2021 Pennant, Cleek & Hickory Results

Golf Australia SA Ladies A3 Pennant Finals - Monday July 5

The A3 Pennant team was victorious on Monday at Flagstaff Hill defeating Blackwood 3-2.  It was a sensational win with our number 1 player, Se Young, winning her match on the 17th hole to secure the match.  It is the second time that North Adelaide has had their name engraved on the trophy which started back in 1955.  The previous team won in 1996.

All team members put in a valiant effort on Monday and although a couple of the team did not play the final their efforts throughout the season were invaluable.  Also a big thank you to our manager who turned up in very cold conditions every week with goodies to share and a smile.  Caddies…you were awesome and integral in assisting with keeping the players calm and offering advice along the way.  Finally to the supporters who came out to follow and support the team…a big thank you.

Sarah Russell - A3 Pennant Captain

Pictured is the victorious NAGC Ladies Pennant Team with the coveted 2021 Golf Australia SA A3 pennant.

GA Ladies Pennant / Cleek /Hickory match report - Monday, 28 June 2021

Pennant A3 : (Win 5-0)

It was an awesome win in the Semi Final against West Lakes at NAGC. Everyone dug in and was victorious to the end. The team proudly look forward to play in the finals. 

Cleek 1: (Lost 1-4)

NAGC’s  Cleek 1 team played in the semi-final at Royal Adelaide Golf Course against the undefeated top team, Mt Osmond. Mt Osmond won, but not without a fight from us! We were very competitive, all fighting to the end, with Susan Bywaters having to go to the 1st tee again to get a result! Threetip Wongsala was square on the 17th, but unfortunately got into bunker trouble on the 18th. Di Cocks was two down on the 17th. All so close!  Dee Bennett and Maureen Thomson, weren’t able to finish their ‘close’ matches on 17th hole because a result had already been reached! 

A big thank you to our 4 caddies who helped and supported us on the day….. Peter Sahb, Laifong, Threetip’s sister-in-law, Chris Larsen and Deet Carmody, and they had a lovely walk in the beautiful sunshine! We must congratulate Mt Osmond for winning and wish them all the best in next week’s final against Royal Adelaide, at Flagstaff Hill Golf Course.

Thank you to all of our Cleek 1 players and reserves throughout this season. What a terrific team effort to get to the semi finals.

Hickory : (Win4-1)

Hickory team did well against Blackwood at the Vines. Unfortunately the team did not make it to play in the finals. Great achievement as the team were the runner up in Pool A Category. Winner of Pool A and B get to play in the Finals.

Finals is on Monday, 5 July 

Pennant A3 Finals @ Flagstaff Hill v Blackwood, 9.00am

We encourage as many NAGC members as possible to rock up into the Hills to support our team on Monday, 5th July. Go A3 Pennant team!!!!

GA Ladies Pennant / Cleek /Hickory match report - Monday, 24 June 2021

Pennant : (SQ 2.5-2.5)

We squared the match today which kept us at top position. We will play West Lakes next Monday at NAGC in the semi finals. Seyoung and Sarah Russell both had strong wins whilst Di Biebrick rallied to the end to give us the squared match. We also want to thank John Samaras, Ray Harris and Dave Carr for their kind support and caddying duties. Well done boys!!!

Cleek 1: (Win 3.5-1.5)

Wow! We were so proud and excited that we won against The Vines playing at The Vines on Monday!

We have made it to the semi-finals! A huge thank you to everyone who has played in our Cleek Team so far, as every win and squared game has helped us to sneak into the top four by a mere 0.5! Fantastic effort by all! 

Hickory : (Win 3-2)

North Adelaide played Westward Ho at Flagstaff Hill.

Next match is on Monday, 28 June

Pennant A3 Semi Finals @ NAGC v West Lakes, 10.00am

Cleek 1 Semi Finals @ Royal Adelaide v Mt Osmond, 9.30am

Hickory @ The Vines v Blackwood, 8.30am

GA Ladies Pennant / Cleek /Hickory match report - Monday, 7 June 2021

Pennant : (Win 3.5-1.5)

We are thrilled to say that our team beat West Lakes. This keeps us in the number 1 position with only 1 match left to play before the semi finals. There were some excellent efforts which include Carolyn Coleman’s  comeback from 3 down to square the match, Mi Park’s excellent effort from being 5 down to lose 2/1, Se Young’s comeback from 3 down to win 2 up, Diane Biebrick’s continued success with a 5/3 win and Young Mi’s win of 4/2. Well done team….as always, we are very proud of all your efforts. 

Cleek 1: (Lost 3.5-1.5)

Cleek 1 team played against  a very strong team, Mt Osmond at Thaxted Park in very windy condition. The team tried very hard but still could not get hold of a win. Dianne Cocks, our Cleek captain came in with a 2 up win. The gallery witnessed her superb 3 meters putt on Hole 18 in the comfort of the restaurant, shielded from the frosty wind . Threetip Wongsala fought very hard and was awarded with a square. Well done ladies.  

Hickory : (Square 2.5-2.5)

Hannah Taylor and Susan Lewis came in with a win and Judy Giersch squared the match. Great effort.

Next match is on Monday, 21 June

Pennant A3 @ Kooyoonga v Blackwood,  10.00am

Cleek 1 @ The Vines v The Vines, 10.00am

Hickory @ Flagstaff Hill v Westward Ho, 9.30am

GA Ladies Pennant / Cleek /Hickory match report - Monday, 31st 2021

Pennant : (Win 3 - 2)

Yesterday Pennant team played The Grange at Blackwood.  Going into the match The Grange were in first position and we were in second.  Di Biebrick played an awesome game of golf and won her match 6/4.  Mi Park continued on her undefeated run with a 3/1 win.  Se Young and Young Mi took it down to the wire.  They both played through to the 18th hole with Se Young succeeding in winning her match.  That gave us a score of 3/2 and put us in first position on the ladder. It was a fabulous, but very cold day and we are extremely proud of the team and how they pulled together to secure this win.  With only two matches left to play before the Semi finals, we are placed in a good position…the best that we can ever remember!

         Cleek 1: (Lost 2-3)

Cleek 1 team is still trying to get a win after 3 losses out of 5 games...come on North Adelaide, we can do it!!!!

Hickory : (BYE)

Next match is on Monday, 7th June:

Pennant A3 @ Royal Adelaide v West Lakes,  8.30am

Cleek 1 @ Thaxted Park v Mt Osmond, 9.30am.

Hickory @ Westward Ho v The Vines @ 10.30am

GA Ladies Pennant / Cleek /Hickory match report - Monday, 24th May 2021

Pennant : (Win 3 - 2)

Pennant team had another good win against Royal Adelaide at West Lakes.

Cleek 1: (Lost 2-3)

On Monday our Cleek One team played against Flagstaff Hill at Mt Osmond. What magnificent views from this beautifully contoured course. Congratulations to Maureen Thomson and Susan Bywaters, who had convincing wins. The rest of the team did their best, trying to manage unfamiliar slopes and bunkers!

Hickory : (Lost 2-3)

An interesting start with one of the team members having car trouble and the Hickory manager had to get crackling and play. Everyone did their best with Hannah Tayler and Carla Hirst winning the match.

Next match is on Monday, 31st May:

Pennant A3 @ Blackwood vs Grange,  9.30am

Cleek 1 @ Flagstaff Hill vs Blackwood, 8.30am.

Hickory @ North Adelaide (bye), Blackwood vs Westward Ho @ 9.00am and Mt Osmond (A) vs The Vines @ 9.30am

GA Ladies Pennant & Cleek match report - Monday, 17th May 2021

Pennant : (Win 4 - 1)

A great win at Grange today 4 -1, against Glenelg. Every team member dug in deep and whilst we lost one match it was only lost on the 18th hole. Well done to all.

Cleek 1: (Lost 1.5 -3.5)

On Monday our Cleek One team played against Royal Adelaide at the beautiful Blackwood Golf Course. The weather was perfect and the sun shone down on us. Well done to Susan Bywaters who had a win, and to Deet who squared her match. We others tried very hard! We all enjoyed the friendly competition and the challenges of match play.

A big thank you to Deet for providing some additional entertainment, with her golf buggy slowly rolling into a nearby bunker while she was on the putting green! Thanks Deet and good attempt to all!

Next match is on Monday, 24th May:

Pennant @ West Lakes vs Royal Adelaide, 8.30am

Cleek @ Mt Osmond vs Flagstaff Hill, 8.30am.

Hickory @ Blackwood vs Mt Osmond, 10.00am

Ladies GA Pennant (A3) Match Report - Monday, 10th May 2021

We played in the most horrendous weather we have seen for a while. It was blowing a gale at Glenelg and combined with rain it was 'delightful' to say the least.  The team put up a good effort but unfortunately we lost
to a better Mt Osmond team 1-4. 

Mi Park was the sole winner although several of the matches were very close.

Cleek 1 Match Report - Monday, 10th May

North Adelaide hosted the Cleek 1 Pennant match in wet, cold and windy condition. We played against West Lakes, a strong team, but North Adelaide team dug their heels in and came in with a 3-2 win. Well done to all.

A bowl of delicious minestrone soup was served for lunch to our guest players at the club room ..... where we lack in presentable toilet facilities on and off the course we made up with our hospitality.......

A big thank you to Myranwy Kaines as the starter and Dave Harrington, the referee.

The next Pennant and Cleek Matches will be played on Monday, 17 May.

Pennant (A3) @ Grange (East) - vs GLENELG @ 8.30AM

Cleek 1 @ Blackwood - vs ROYAL ADELAIDE @ 9.30AM

Do come along to support the teams.