North Adelaide Golf Club

2019 Pennant, Cleek & Hickory Results

Pennant, Cleek & Hickory results appear below the season schedule. Scroll down for results


6th May                

Pennant A3 play Flagstaff Hill @ West Lakes

Cleek play Blackwood @ Mt Osmond

Hickory play West Lakes @ Grange

13th May              

Pennant A3 play Glenelg @ Royal Adelaide

Cleek play Flagstaff Hill @ Royal Adelaide

Hickory play Flagstaff Hill @ Blackwood

20th May              

Pennant A3 play West Lakes @ Kooyonga

Cleek play West Lakes @ Kooyonga

Hickory play The Vines @ North Adelaide

27th May              

Pennant A3 play Royal Adelaide @ North Adelaide

Cleek play Royal Adelaide @ Blackwood

Hickory play Westward Ho @ Flagstaff Hill

3rd June               

Pennant A3 play Mt Osmond @ Glenelg

Cleek play The Vines @ The Vines

Hickory play Mt Osmomd @ Mt Osmond

17th June             

Pennant A3 play Kooyonga @ Flagstaff Hill

Cleek play Mt Osmond @ West Lakes

Hickory play Blackwood @ West Lakes

24th June             

Pennant A3 play Blackwood @ Blackwood

Cleek play Kooyonga @ North Adelaide

Hickory play The Grange @ The Vines

1st July                  

Semi Finals – Monday 1st July 2019

Women’s A3 @ Mount Osmond

8.00am -1st Tee Glenelg V North Adelaide

8.30am-1st Tee Blackwood V West Lakes

Cleek 1 @ Flagstaff Hill

9.00am -1st Tee Blackwood V Flagstaff Hill

9.30am-1st Tee Mt Osmond V North Adelaide

Hickory @ Flagstaff Hill

10.00am 1st Tee Thaxted Park vs North Adelaide

10.30am 1st Tee Mt Osmond vs Blackwood

8th July                 

Pennant A3 play Finals

Cleek Finals @ West Lakes

Hickory Final @ TBA


Monday 8th July - Hickory Finals

Hickory lost to Mt Osmond 3½ to 1½ .

Mt Osmond were runners up to North Adelaide for the past 2 years.

Congratulations to all players for making the Final.

Monday 1st July - Semi Finals Results

Hickory won 4/1 against Thaxted Park

Cleek 1 lost 3½ / 1½ against Mt Osmond

Pennant lost 3 ½ / 1 ½ against Glenelg.

This means that our Hickory girls are in the Final next week

Monday 24th June 2019 Results

Hickory won 3/2 against Grange. C Hirst lost 7/5, J Burton won 6/5, G Trainor won /1, C Mroczek won 5/4, J Giersch lost 3/2

Cleek 2 won 4/1 against Kooyonga. D Cocks won 3/2, D Coper lost 3/2, SB Lee won 5/3, S Kent won 5/3, K Colclasure won 2/1

Pennant A3  lost 4½/½ against Blackwood. C Coleman lost 4/3, YM Ko lost 7/5, S Russell Sq, M Middleton lost 6/5, M Thomson lost 1 down

Monday 17 June 2019 Results

PENNANT A3 def Kooyonga 5/0. YM Ko won 1 up, C Coleman won 2/1, S Russell won 2/1, M Middleton won 2 up, M Thomson won 4/3

CLEEK 2 def Mt Osmond 3/2. D Cocks won 3/2. D Cooper lost 1 dwn, S Kent won 1 up, S Bywaters lost 3½/1½, K Colclasure won 2 up

HICKORY def Blackwood 3/2. M Boundy lost 3/1, J Burton won 4/3, C Wilmshurst won 2up, G Trainor won 2 up, M Prisk lost 3/2

Monday 3rd June Results

Hickory lost 3/2 against Mt Osmond. H Tayler lost 5/4, M Boundy lost 3/1, C Hirst won 3/1, L Woolford 8/7, G Trainor won 1 up

Cleek 1 lost against The Vines 3½ / 1½. D Bennett lost 5/4, D Cocks lost 1 dwn, D cooper lost 4/5, S Lee won 10/8, S Kent squared

Pennant won 4/1 against Mt Osmond. SJ Jung lost 1 dwn, YM Ko won 1 up, C Coleman won 4/2, S Russell won 3/2, M Middleton won 5/4

Monday 27th May Results

Hickory won against Westward Ho 4 ½ / ½. H Tayler won 1 up, C Hirst won 7/6, J Burton squared, G Trainor won 4/3, C Mroczek won 1 up

Cleek  won against Royal Adelaide 3/2. D Bennett lost 1 dwn, D Cocks won 3/1, S Lee won 5/4, S Bywaters won 2/1, K Colclasure won 3/1

Pennant won 4/1 against Royal Adelaide. YM Ko won 6/4, C Coleman won 3/2, S Russell won 3/2, M Middleton won 3/1, M Thompson lost 6/5

2019 NAGC Ladies Hickory Team Photo

Monday 20th May Results

Hickory won 5/0 against The Vines. M Boundy won 9/7, L Woolford won 6/4, C Wilmshirst won 2 up, M Prisk won 8/7, J Giersch won on a forfeit

Cleek lost 4/1 against West Lakes. D Cocks won 4/3, S B Lee lost 3/2, D Cooper lost 7/6, S Bywaters lost 4/3, K Colclasure lost 2dwn

Pennant won 3/2 against West Lakes. YM Ko lost 3/2, SY Jung won 5/3, S Russell lost 1 dwn, C Coleman won 4/3, M Middleton won 3/2

13th May Results:
Pennant lost to Glenelg  4/1. Y M Ko lost 2/1. Sarah Russell won 1 up, M Middleton lost 7/5, C Coleman
lost 2/1, M Thomson lost 4/3

Cleek squared against Flagstaff Hill. L Cheong lost 4/2, D Bennett lost 6/4, D Cocks won 3/2, S Bywaters won 6/4,
K Colclasure squared.

Hickory lost to Thaxted Park 4/1. H. Tayler won 2 up, M Boundy lost 4/3, Carla Hirst lost 6/5 , Gillian
Trainor lost 3/1 , Cheryl Wilmshurst lost 4/3

6th May Results:::

Pennant won 3/2 against Flagstaff Hill. S Y Jung won 2up, S Russell lost 1 down, M Middleton lost 5/3, C Coleman won 4/3, W O’Connor won 1 up

Cleek lost 3/2 against Blackwood. L Cheong lost 5/4, D Cocks won 1 up, S B Lee won 5/3, S J Lee lost 2 down, S Bywaters lost 2 down

Hickory won 3/2 against West Lakes. H Tayler won 2/1, M Boundy won 7/8, C Wilmshurst won 4/3, J Giersch lost 6/5, C Mroczek lost 4/3