North Adelaide Golf Club

Covid-19 Competitions

The Social Distancing Policy of the North Adelaide Golf Course details areas where players are to gather in advance of teeing off and should be observed by all members and guests.

Click Here to View Social Distancing Instructions for Golfers

The following conditions have been agreed to by both Captains for resumption of competition play in groups of four from Tuesday  May 12th.

1. All competitions will be as per the member's handbook playing fixtures from Tuesday May 26th.

2. Members can enter the pro shop foyer kiosk area observing the signposted limitations on the number of people in the foyer area and pro shop.

3. Competition fee for the interim competitions has been reduced to $5.00. Please place a $5 note in an envelope with your name and start time listed (We ask members to bring their own envelope) so those counting the money will NOT have to handle coin.

NOTE: Anyone paying by COIN will be disqualified and their money returned.

4. Members should register at the kiosk in the foyer, print their scorecard, use hand sanitiser AFTER using the touchscreen monitor, drop their competition fee envelope in the kiosk money drawer, then proceed to the Pro Shop to register for green fee purposes.

5. Social distancing must be practised at all times. ACC staff will be patrolling the course.

6. Under Golf Australia recommendations, 2 players may now share a golf cart.

7. Holes will no longer have plastic noodles and flagsticks can be touched.

8. Rakes are in bunkers. Free place if your ball lands in footmarks is no longer in play.

9. Sand buckets are available and it remains a condition of play that members carry a sand bucket and fill fairway divots as per usual.

10. On completion, verbally verify your scores with your partner/marker and sign your own scorecard. Markers do not need to sign the card.

11. Score entries can be entered at the registration kiosk in the foyer. Players should enter their scores, drop their scorecard in the kiosk money drawer and use hand sanitiser AFTER score entry.

12. A maximum of seventy (70) members can use the clubroom facilities at any one time. Up to 20 patrons are permitted in the 19th hole lounge or on the downstairs deck area.

13. Members locker rooms are available for use from June 29.

Please ensure all players respect these privileges afforded to our club.

Any queries to be directed to Alan Potts, Laifong Cheong or Bob Naffin.